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Significance of detergent dispersible additives

2021-03-15 H:19:22

The importance of detergent dispersant additives for lubricant additive manufacturers

One is that the lubricating oil can suspend the insoluble substances such as colloid and carbon deposit formed after oxidation in the oil to form a stable colloidal state and is not easy to deposit on the parts;

The second is to wash the colloids and carbon deposits deposited on the engine components through the washing effect of lubricating oil. Detergent dispersant is a substance with surface activity. It can adsorb solid particle pollutants in oil and suspend pollutants on the surface of oil to ensure that the oil participating in lubrication cycle is clean and reduce the formation of high temperature and paint film. The dispersant can disperse the low-temperature oil sludge in the oil to filter it out in the lubricating oil circulation. Detergent dispersion additive is the general name of them. It also has the functions of washing, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. Therefore, it is also called multi effect additive. In a sense, the quality of lubricating oil is mainly different in the performance of resisting high and low temperature deposits and paint film formation. It can also be said that it is reflected in the performance and amount of detergent dispersant in lubricating oil. It can be seen that detergent dispersant has an important impact on the quality of lubricating oil.


Reasons for adding antioxidant and anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion agent

Engines that use fuel oil, kerosene, gasoline, natural gas or man-made gas, liquefied gas, etc. as fuel must use lubricants (such as paraffin based lubricants) to lubricate their moving parts. Lubricating oil should contact with air during use, and various mechanical equipment will also generate heat, which will increase the temperature of friction parts during operation. In addition, various metal materials in the equipment, such as copper and iron, will play a catalytic role, accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of oil products, and finally increase the viscosity of lubricating oil, generate acidic substances and corrode metal materials, Various carbonaceous or asphaltic precipitates such as paint film will also be generated to block the pipeline. All these changes will adversely affect the continued use of oil products and the normal operation of equipment. Therefore, the oil is required to have good anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties. The purpose of adding anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additives to the oil is to inhibit the oxidation of the oil, passivate the catalytic effect of metals on the oxidation, and prolong the use of the oil and protect the machine.

The refined base oil has certain antioxidant effect, but it can not meet the extremely harsh use requirements in modern times. Anti oxygen and anti-corrosion additives must be added. The addition amount is second only to detergent dispersant and viscosity index improver, ranking third.

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Tel No.(Whatsapp):0086 15940656921


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