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Safety production

Earnestly implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment", strengthen the "bottom line thinking" and "red line awareness", adhere to the requirements of "iron system, hard implementation, truth and no fooling" according to the idea of "grasping system and system", and achieve "zero accident in safe production". Implement the proactive and preventive safety management mode, implement the safety risk pre control system, build a long-term safety mechanism, and build an intrinsically safe enterprise.

Cleaner production, green development

Apply new technologies, new processes and new materials, promote cleaner production, economical production and green production, and achieve high efficiency of safe production and recycling of resource utilization.

energy conservation

Improve the awareness of energy conservation and consumption reduction of all employees, implement the person in charge of energy conservation and consumption reduction of the factory, actively encourage employees to put forward their own improvement opinions on the links of high energy consumption in the process of production and work, and the person in charge of relevant departments shall organize personnel to conduct feasibility analysis and demonstration. For feasible suggestions, designated personnel shall be responsible for rectification, strengthen daily patrol inspection, and ensure that they are in place without dead corners. Effectively reduce and basically eliminate the phenomenon of "running, emitting, dripping and leaking" in the production process, and deal with such problems on site in a timely manner.

Social welfare, return to society

Mingyue technology company has always adhered to integrity, enthusiasm for public welfare and return to the society, actively participated in various social public welfare activities and made modest contributions.



Tel No.(Whatsapp):0086 15940656921


Address:No. 12, Minjiang street, Binhai New Area, 

                 Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China.



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